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Website Audit Services - Central Coast, Umina NSW

How do you feel about your website?

arrow alt circle right icon Is there something off and you are just not sure what?

arrow alt circle right icon Perhaps it’s outdated? Have you changed your branding?

arrow alt circle right icon Did you write the text about 5 years ago?

arrow alt circle right iconDo you know who is visiting your website? And how they got there?


smt1 check circle iconAre you wanting to update your website and can’t get a hold of your web developer and just don’t know where to go next? (I hear this one ALOT)

smt1 check circle iconOr perhaps you have done your site yourself or have a designer and just want a second opinion?

A website checkup/audit will help give you some clarity on things like design, usability, functionality on the site itself as well as how it then works with Google (if at all) and your socials and other marketing materials if you wish.

Once you have a bit of clarity it will allow you to then move forward rather than just letting it remain stagnant, and sit in the “too hard basket”.

What you get when I do a website audit.

My website audits covers Overall Usability,  Design, Functionality, & SEO with suggestions and tips on what could be improved on the reviewed site. I cover a few extra areas than typical audits cause I have the skills and experience across all these areas (both design and tech) that many don’t have. 

It includes:

Checking your WordPress settings including installed plugins and those that need backup/updating, as well as your whole site if vulnerable to security attacks.

Checking your Google integration and Google Console setups to ensure is firing correctly.

A review of your design and branding with your colours, logo, throughout your site, and how these also work with your social media channels.

A brief review of your usability design/functionality.

SEO Basics Checkup both in the backend and front-end.

A basic review of your other marketing materials (you must supply a copy of your print materials) and how these all relate to your online presence.

I will also give you the non-jargon deciphering of this into easy-to-understand and plain speak.

Recommendations and suggestions on areas you may need to look at for your SEO, marketing, and ways to improve your site.

If your site needs a few minor edits, let me know ahead of time and if i can i will also throw these in the mix 🙂

An optional 30min call after your report to ask me any questions is done via Zoom.

You will receive both a VIDEO review of your website design with all the categories above as well a one-page report.

The video makes it easier for me to review your design and in past experience, you will more likely watch a video 🙂  Your 1-page report will be an overview of everything.

This is a one-off session, there is no other commitment.  If you want to talk about working together then we can chat about that or if you just want to pass all that info onto your own designer or do it yourself that’s fine too 🙂

Belinda Lindhardt

How it works

  1. Purchase your session and provide all the information by filling in the questions on the form.
  2. Provide all of the login details as requested and any other additional material (within 1 business day if applicable).
  3. I will do your audit and provide you with a link to watch the video (which you can download) and send you a 1 page report.
  4. You have up to 2 weeks to download your video and can book a complimentary 20 mins session to ask any questions via zoom.
  5. You are welcome to discuss working together or you may forward all the info over to your developer.

Click the button below and fill in your details to get started. 


Belinda is absolutely amazing to work with. She actually listens to what her clients want, and then produces websites according to their brief.  Her expertise has her consider future functionalities that may be required, and her creative & artistic flair bring extra magic into the equation.  The end results are fabulous.

Belinda then graciously spends the time making sure you understand how the website works, and offers maintenance packages to boot.  In all the years she has taken care of my website and social media needs – never once has she ever let me down.

I am delighted with my website and the results it achieves.

Belinda comes with my highest recommendation

Victoria Fitzmaurice

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Terms and Conditions

  • You must provide me with all the requested details including the website login details within 2 weeks of booking or you forgo your session. 
  • This is deal is for people with either a WordPress website. Other website systems or configuration are on application.
  • Fee is non-refundable
  • There is no obligation after the commitment period
  • Your report will be provided within 10 working days of receiving payment and ALL of the information.