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.Do you have a website and it is outdated? Or do you need a new website and are just not sure how to get started?

Generally,  my customers fall into two scenarios… a redesign or a revamp, both times usually they value a service provider who delivers personalised service (someone they can talk to) over someone who just ticks a box.

My services also include customers who have quite a bit of technical capability and just want to be shown how to run the site themselves ( help with the initial setup so they can take it over). Does this sound like you?

Website & Digital Services - Central Coast NSW

In the past 28years of building websites, I have not had any two website clients that fit into one tick box.
Generally, it’s about the business owner and how it’s going to work for them and that’s different for everyone. Well, that’s how I approach it anyway.

You are here on this page because you are looking around right? You maybe looking for a checkbox of things and its frustrating cause each potential service provider is different its hard to discern what you are looking for. I get it. 

The reason you wont find that here is because I like to do things differently. I value personalised service and I as a business owner don’t want to be sold something I don’t need or be bombarded by technical information I dont understand. Also I have found that the typical website packages don’t always fit everyones needs anyway there is always this or that “addon”. Yes I have general starting points for packages & budgets but rather than you trying to work out which works for you, I want to know a bit about you and help recommend to you my best services and just give you a quotation with what works for you rather than the other way around.

The pages, the design, all the specifics really come later down the track in the conversation, that is not the place to start. So we start with a conversation about your business, you how you are going to manage it. If you have a website already what are your frustrated with, what is working what is not ? Else how am I going to be able to recommend a solution that fixes that problem?
The first thing to know about me is that I am a fixer. I like to come up with a solution that works for you. We need to know what will solve your problem, then I feel my job is done, otherwise I feel we could just stop here cause the rest is a waste of time and energy and likely money.  

I have a very common sense approach to the way I work and the people I work with, there is no point doing something if you don’t need it.

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In saying all of that, one thing to also note if you don’t know me…

I practice consented and ethical conversations without pushy sales & marketing tactics.
I don’t agree with them, I don’t like them, they have been done to me and there has been times I have been pushed to signup for things I didn’t need which made me feel really awful.  I don’t practice them. 


In order, to give you a bit of reassurance about me, I am sharing with you a bit of a website ballpark figure and also a distinction of how I work on website projects which is a little different from many of web providers out there…

The WEBSITE DEVELOPMENT PROCESS (initial stages) in my business follow this format:

  1. Broad discussion to get to know one another on a 20min call on Zoom or phone. NO OBLIGATION no direct sales unless you ask for it.  If you have a site already we can take a look at that, and ask questions if there is something I can help you with during this call I will. If its a new site we can talk about what is involved and what you need help with. It is completely of course optional if you wish to take the next step in working together. – Make a booking via my calendar for a 20min call>
  2. Depending on where you are at, I can give you an estimation of the work at this stage, and development and discussions can progress from here on out.
    If you need help working out what exactly you need so that I can quote better, you may need to book in for a strategy session where we have anywhere from 1-4hours working together to give you clarity, framework, and strategy for moving forward. This allows you to organize content, do some research just work out what you need your site to do. This can result in a site structure plan, a white page of your site (a plan with no design) so you can work out what is happening on the pages and any functionality that needs to happen. This allows you to get a quote for the work from me, but also go to other providers if you wish. This process helps you have clarity and knowledge about what you need and ensures you are comparing apples with apples rather than hoping you can get what you need but not understanding the requirements. 
    This is a paid service it can either be a separate fee, after which you can go away and get someone else to do your site or do it yourself, or if you definitely want to work together we can roll it into a development quote.
  3. My website developments include:
    standard consultation times in managing your project, a standard SEO strategy, and implementation of Google Analytics if not done already, design/usability best practice principles, 1-year license for the Divi theme and websites are done in WordPress.  Also, I like to include small updates for the first month and check in to see that your Google is happening with an SEO report within the first 3 months.

    It does not include hosting or domain name fees. It generally does not include Copywriting or Stock Photography.  Obviously, the price will vary on a bunch of variables within that framework plus if there is anything else you need like e eCommerce, payments from your site, forms, etc all impact the price but not necessarily in huge amounts, again just depends on what you need.   
    There are also supplementary services we can discuss once your site is done. Perhaps you would like to be supported for the first year after your site is live with updates? Perhaps you would like additional training? Or to be able to call on other technical, design or marketing there after? All of that we discuss when quoting and we can allow for future things now rather than having to go back to the drawing board when you are ready for your next stage/level.


Websites can start anywhere from around $770- inc GST
anywhere up to $4400- inc GST all depending on all the variables.

I offer different payment structures and packages if you wish to bundle this with business cards, or some other marketing materials or campaigns I can provide that as well.   


Whilst browsing my site you may be looking for specific web prices to compare, I hope you can get that in working with me, I am working with you and it is tailored to you because you and your business are different from every other customer I have worked with in the past, so it starts with just a 20min discussion and working out what you need and go from there. If you are interested please book an appointment via the link below.

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Want to see some of my current designs/clients?

Take a look at some of my past web design clients, some of these clients have been with me for over 10years.

 Customers are saying...

Bruce Donaldson
Bruce Donaldson
I have had numerous projects completed by Belinda for over two years. Her abilities are exceptional, producing A1 results. Belinda's wide range of skills enables her to suggest innovative changes which result in quality presentations. It is always a pleasure to have Belinda create material with a professional flair. Thank you Belinda, for your dedication and commitment. Bruce (Retired Consultant)
Julie Watson
Julie Watson
Belinda has exceeded my expectations and delivered the outcomes I needed. I'm always nervous using someone for the first time, but after having several tasks completed by Digital Creative Spark, I'm now confident to use them for all future design and web projects and support. Thanks for making everything easy!
Wonderful working with Belinda. Professional, patient, passionate. Keep her on speed dial.
Michael Scarrott
Michael Scarrott
Belinda can be absolutely relied upon to produce outstanding work. She is passionate about creativity vision, has an eye for detail, goes above and beyond for her clients, the results are super impressive ! Michael Scarrott , Director Glow Sky Media Pty Ltd + Skins Art Gallery
Sarah Lawlor
Sarah Lawlor
Responsive and friendly, good range of paper types and weights for printing photographs, quick and easy service. Highly recommend.
Paul O'Neill
Paul O'Neill
Belinda from Digital Creative Spark gave us very prompt and professional service at a very reasonable cost when we needed a sign made for our coffee business. We were very happy with our sign and the quick turnaround. We also got a Coffee Banner through Belinda on another occasion and have always been very happy with her services. We highly recommend Digital Creative Spark.
King Consulting HR
King Consulting HR
Digital Creative Spark redesigned my logo in no time at all and it looks fabulous. Belinda is very accommodating, gracious and affordable. I highly recommend her and Digital Creative Spark Now I've had Belinda design my letterhead too and it was a fast, quality turnaround. Thank you for being so easy to deal with
Merrilyn Heazlewood
Merrilyn Heazlewood
Belinda is perceptive, and encouraging. I appreciate her artistic ability and what that brings to the work we do. Belinda's work is very very good value for her charges.
Brad Page
Brad Page
I had the pleasure of working with Belinda in creating and re branding my new web site. Not only was she easy to work with but I was really pleased with the final result. In addition, her "after sales" service has been 2nd to none. I would highly recommend her services.
Pulse Laser Relief
Pulse Laser Relief
We have been using Belinda's graphic design and printing services since 2015!! She is so professional, you give her a quick work brief and she get's to work with minimal guidance. Very often she comes up with something that is a better idea than what we had! Also the DCS printing prices are very good value.