Weekly, Monthly & Quarterly Biz & Life Tracking Sheets Bundle

This is a set of 3 templates/tracking sheets (4 pages) for you to download and print to use for tracking your business and personal activities and keep you on track.

The sheets are a system, I have developed and are designed to work together so that when you fill them out so you can easily transfer the details backwards and forward for a forecast each week of what you would like to achieve, scheduling the tasks (so they actually get done) and then when the tasks have been done you can review them to what you have achieved. Instructions are included with the download and an explanation of how I use it in this post /video.

TIP: I use the Frixion pens and markers which can be erased and use colours where applicable – see example sheet.

The weekly sheet has been designed so that all the planning and current activities are tracked on the 1st page (i print this back to back or 2 pages) and the reflection of the week (usually done at the end of the week) is done on the back. At the end of each week I have a weekly CEO meeting with myself after filling out the 2nd sheet, i then I will transfer some of the figures for the week across to the monthly sheet which allows me to know how I am going for the month, but also looking at this sheet allows me to schedule in for the next week things that might have fallen off the radar.

Is a 1 pager designed to both plan out your month and schedule in your weekly tasks. By filling in the income back on the monthly sheet from your weekly sheet allows you to check in on yourself to see anything you have missed as well as cuts down time for having to work this out later when tracking your income for the month. This page is editable to rank for yourself how you did in things you were tracking for the weeks so a monthly overal. this is customeinsable.

INSTRUCTIONS are included –  Download the sheets,  Fill in the areas customisable to you, and then SAVE A COPY of the file to your computer. Then print your copy.
I keep my sheets together on a clip board and the page has also been designed so that you can print it out (hence with space at the top for the clip – see photo).

Open to suggestions or customisations to this planner please contact me for further info.

These files are PDF files consists of 4 printable pages in  A4 format and they are a bundle to cover Weekly, Monthly & Quarterly scheduling & tracking tasks for life & business.

The weekly and monthly are in black and Quarterly is in colour to save printing consumables. I suggest you use bright pens and markers to give it your own flair.

Some elements on the pages are editable so you can customize these to suit you before you print and have your own customised version.

These tracking sheets include:

  • 5 daily tasks to do that day with the amount of time allocated for each
  • income
  • clients you have served daily
  • self-care activities such as water, exercise, sunshine (customisable fields for you edit)
  • commitments & non-negotiables

And a whole bunch more. These sheets have come from trying many different systems this system has worked best with me in conjunction with a online calendar.


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