Client: Nose to Tail

Project Description

Client Louise Harding commissioned me to create a series of Instructional illustrations for her book Nose to Tail, which visually displayed the dog training techniques discussed in the book.

As a result the dog character of Illy was created which was a mixture of breeds of dogs, part of the analogy behind this was the dog had to be large enough displayed next to a human and we didn't want to single out one genre of dog breed. The dog was created to be friendly but not "cartoony" like a children's character. There was special consideration given the hand gestures and placements throughout the illustrations to ensure the correct techniques were being displayed. In support of the client, only a couple of illustrations are displayed here as they include her IP.
A total of 20 book illustrations were created for this project and were full-page illustrations in her book Nose to Tail.

For a bit of fun after the book illustrations were completed, I proceeded to convert our character into a colour digital illustration as well as physical painting that were turned into products.
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