Photo Restoration Services

Helping you to restore old photos and memories so they will last for years to come. Central Coast NSW

 Photos can rip, crack, fade, deteriorate, and get damaged as the years go on. Having your precious family photos restored before they are lost is an investment but one that is stored for many years to come. 


Belinda is a qualified graphic designer and artist who can restore your photos to turn them back into a treasured memory again.

The scope of how much or what is involved will depending on the quality of your original photo. Generally speaking photos which have small cracks & scratches, blotches and discolorations can be digitally edited to a version which is then printed so that you a fresh new version that will last longer. Typically older photos are also at different sizes to photos printed in today’s formats so many people use this opportunity to also have their photo resized to a larger version that will fit readily available photo frames for today. 

PRICES: As a guide Restoration services start from $33.00 inc GST which is for photos which has some minor adjustments and resizing. Prices are quoted based the amount of work to be done on your photo and the number of photos you have that need work. This does not include printing of photos this a service fee for scanning, digitally altering your photo to a digital file that can be printed.  

Printing of you photo can be arranged through Belinda or you can take to do that yourself at your regular photo printer provider. 

TIP : Please note if your colour photo is particularly damaged in our experience it maybe be easier to take it to a black and white version which can be turned sepia if desired. This will reduce the amount of “work” on your photo but also produces a better result. 

For a quote please send Belinda an email and supply a photo of your photo so that she can see the condition of the original. 

Turnaround time for this service is 5-10 business days from the delivery of the original photo and depending on if you require printing. 

Payment will be required before handing over the final printable files. A low resolution version will be provided via email so that you can see the result. *


* note We do not control the result of the printing of the photo, all photos will print differently on different photo printers. We will do our best to provide the best outcome of colours but we cannot guarantee results of the final printed product. 


TIP: is to purchase your FRAME FIRST and then we will match the photo to your frame if possible. 

Common Photo / Frame sizes are:

4X6” – 100 X 150 mm
5X7”– 127 X 178 mm
8X10”– 200 X 250 mm