Digital Creative SPARK

Belinda Lindhardt

Biz Owner 28years, Graphic Designer, Illustrator,
Web Developer, Marketing Consultant, Creative Mentor / Tutor

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About Digital Creative SPARK

DC SPARK is a holistic agency based on the Central Coast NSW offering a complete solution covering design & illustration, marketing strategy, websites, SEO, and print.

We like to think of ourselves as a design and digital strategy agency that helps you to sort all the tech and design stuff so you don’t have to do it all yourself.

The name dc SPARK has only recently been imagined in April 2021, however, the owner Belinda Lindhardt has been in small business operation providing design & web development services since 1996 and in 2021 merged the previous client base with local business Paper Pens and Printing (based in Woy Woy) to provide the services that are on offer here in 2022.

“creation can only exist with a center spark from which it evolves”

The DC SPARK name comes from a vision that you always have to start somewhere, in a drawing that can be the first dot (or spark) on the page and from that the sparks fly into a creation. In biz life, the spark/energy can come from the owner, the company a place of inspiration or a person doing the task for the rest of it to appear. You are the spark but I hope we can also help you ignite your vision and dreams of your business. 



Have you been in business for a few years and have been plugging away with trial and error to do bits and pieces like the logo, the social media, the website?


Are you ready to have an honest conversation and establish a trusted relationship with a provider?


Are you open to letting someone help you take back control of your business?


Working with us will mean we will be able find a way to solve the tech, the design, the strategy and come to a workable solution customised  for you.
It will not be sugarcoated but always with kindness and with your best interest at heart.


No matter what your skills or knowledge, we love to work with people where they are now, who are open to hearing ideas and forming a working relationship and wanting a solution to help their business grow.

We also love to work with those who have unique out of the box ideas, personalities and businesses (just a little be quirky) or who have very creative minds cause lets face it thanks what we are as well so we are kindred spirits.

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Our customer vision is that we can SPARK whatever is needed in your business and that can help you move forward, and to do that with personalised service, integrity & professionalism along the way. 

We like to meet you where you are at TODAY and to be able to offer practical solutions to fulfill both your current and future biz creative, digital & marketing needs.

Our preamble to this is to do it without the techno-speak, without the sales program, and for us to establish an ongoing relationship that we can help you in your business.  You get all of our years of skills, experience & knowledge our aim is to always be providing our customers with value.

DC SPARK operates using consent based marketing practices. We are conscious of the responsibilities and intent of our actions and communications and it is important to us that all our interactions are with respect to elders past and present as well as an individual’s journey and circumstances. To read more about this please see our information here. 


 Belinda Lindhardt


Biz Owner, Creative Director, Web Developer, Illustrator & Artist

Starting out in the design industry in 1995 and working as designer and web developer back when you had to handcode websites and learn design skills without computers, Belinda has seen a gamut of changes and taken on numerous roles throughout the 27 years in the industry.

Some of these roles & titles include: Graphic Designer, Web Designer / Developer, Project Manager, with projects covering coding, animations, design (print & web), virtual reality, specification writing, documentation & processes, photography, training, teaching, branding, logo design, SEO, digital marketing, illustrations, and account manager /  print manger & good old retail customer service in a design capacity.  Working in combination of in-house, freelance & subcontract positions to government & large corporate and small businesses across many different industries.

“Unlike some creatives who are only creative or some tech people who are just tech …. I come from an arena of both playgrounds, and that is what is given to my all my clients”

        Belinda operates with Integrity and a down-to-earth quality but also likes to be straight down the line.

Being of service and sharing knowledge is the cornerstone to a great day and a successful business for Belinda.


people icon


We have a small trusted team of people we like to work with for various projects where they get to pull upon their zones of genius and we work together for our clients.

  Why Work with Us - DC SPARK - Central Coast NSW


Having been around the block a few times ourselves and working long term with many clients we understand that you really need to have many balls up in the air to run a business these days.  Having had burnout ourselves we also know that you can’t do it all, and having help along the way so that you can free up your time to do what you do best is crucial for moving forward and enjoying your business more.  

Our extensive experience, knowledge & skills means that you take advantage of all of our skills in one place rather than running around to various providers.

The benefit to you is that there is less running around briefing, finding files, and explaining what you need after a little while working together you know we got your back and it actually saves you time and money as there is less backwards and forwards (and less headaches) and to be honest its alot easier for us as well 🙂

As we get to know you over time, we can provide you with a strategic solution for where your business is heading, like a bit of a sounding board rather than just getting a task done off your to do list. We invite our customers to stay in contact with us about what they are up cause that will mean we can provide a better solution – makes sense. 

In saying that we also have plenty of clients who already have a designer they love working with but perhaps just need their website taken care of or other scenarios where they will just use us for our print connections, that is also totally fine by us. Finding a solution that works for you is our key motivation.

In brief, this means through our relationship you can get:

  • the design / visuals / branding stuff sorted

  • the digital & tech side of things such as website, marketing emails, social media, ebooks

  • the strategy of how all these work together for you (not our system) how it works for your resources your capabilities your budget, so you can manage it, maintain it (if you wish) or we can train your staff on how to do it and be there as a backup if needed.  

Here is where I can help. Customers are saying...

King Consulting HR
King Consulting HR
Digital Creative Spark redesigned my logo in no time at all and it looks fabulous. Belinda is very accommodating, gracious and affordable. I highly recommend her and Digital Creative Spark
Brad Page
Brad Page
I had the pleasure of working with Belinda in creating and re branding my new web site. Not only was she easy to work with but I was really pleased with the final result. In addition, her "after sales" service has been 2nd to none. I would highly recommend her services.
Pulse Laser Relief
Pulse Laser Relief
We have been using Belinda's graphic design and printing services since 2015!! She is so professional, you give her a quick work brief and she get's to work with minimal guidance. Very often she comes up with something that is a better idea than what we had! Also the DCS printing prices are very good value.
Peter Kent
Peter Kent
Belinda was very helpful in assisting me to designing and compiling an Order of Service and Photo Tribute for my Mum's funeral service. she produced an good quality product promptly and at good value. No hesitation in recommending her business
Sharon T
Sharon T
Belinda did a great job of some Christmas cards she did for me. She was fast, good value and responsive.
Merrilyn Heazlewood
Merrilyn Heazlewood
Belinda is perceptive, and encouraging. I appreciate her artistic ability and what that brings to the work we do. Belinda's work is very very good value for her charges.
Anne-Marie Smith
Anne-Marie Smith
Service was prompt. Belinda was courteous.
Brad Page
Brad Page
I had the opportunity to work with Belinda the other day to discuss a complete rebuild of my web site. Before I arrived at our meeting she had already researched my site, explained why it wasn't working and already had a plan in place to help me redesign. Within 2 days she had sent me an organizational chart to start working on before our next meeting. I would highly recommend Belinda. Very professional.
Stewart Wilson
Stewart Wilson
Belinda has built a fantastic website for my small business which is getting a huge number of views and contacts. Belinda is readily available to answer questions and promptly handles any changes I need as well as providing on going management for my site.


We may have skimmed past that Belinda is also a professional illustrator and artist. Illustrations can be included in our services for businesses in the realm of branding, packaging and graphic styles as a way to distinguish your brand out from the plain vanilla marketplace.
If you are interested Belinda’s ART please headover to the other website at:

Belinda Lindhardt – Trading as Digital Creative SPARK
ABN: 55101087968

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