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Belinda Lindhardt

Graphic Designer since 1994
Web Designer since 1995
Project Manager
Marketing Assistant
SEO Consultant
Google Analytics Consultant
Social Media Manager
Art / Creative Mentor



 Graphic & Digital Designer, Web Designer & Developer, Illustrator, Social Media Manager, SEO & Marketing Consultant, Tutor & Artist.


So, Who is BELINDA?


Well, I guess your here to find out a little bit about me, so here goes in a nutshell:

My parents are Danish, I am a bit of Nerd, a Technology Lover, and I love all things history and science. I am a bit “woo woo” as I have gone on a big personal development journey in recent years and alongside all of that, I have always been an explorative Painter/Artist and get excited sharing experiences as I been told over the years my sharing has helped others on their own path.

🙂 I also have an addiction to smilies we might as well just put that on the table here and now! 🙂

Personally, I am mum to two teenage boys (almost adults) which I have been solo parenting for pretty much most of their lives (and i will leave that there so you can translate all that yourself) :).

I am originally from Sydney’s Northern Beaches and for the past 16years I now call the beautiful Central Coast, NSW is my home.

Professionally, I have been working in the web industry & running my own business for over 25years as I started my original business with my ex-partner the year after graduating from college in 1995 and its been a rollercoaster but I have since had many different shifts and changes in direction but underlying is that I love to be of service. 


I have been in the graphic design and web design industry for over 25years and have worked with both Government & Corporate clients and projects which are too many to list and probably too boring to list right here. I am a down to earth, straight shooter with a little bit of woo woo mixed in and I have been around the block enough times on most things to be able to tell you like it is with the knowledge and experience to guide as to how we can run as efficiently and effectively as possible. 

25 years in business has led me to realise, I love to help, I love for you to know that you can call on me when needed and that I can solve it for you! Whether that be just some help with how to update your website or strategic planning on how to get it up and running, through to getting your business cards and flyers together…. but what I love to do is how to help you to organise how ALL THESE THINGS work together! Without the confusion, without the techno speak without having cost a fortune. 



I graduated with my Associate Diploma of Graphic Design in 1995. In those days we were taught how to mock-up pages with markers and coloured pencils and had to hand ink our lettering with very little computer instruction so I was full old-skool!

The following year I started working as an in-house Web Designer at TPG Internet, back in the day when websites and the internet were a “new” thing, and all websites hand-coded in HTML and basically taught myself those skills by hitting the ground running.

I have worked in many different roles over the years with titles (i am not big on titles) like Graphic Designer, Web Designer / Developer, Project Manager, with projects covering things like coding, animations, design (print & web), virtual reality, specification writing, documentation & processes, photography, training, teaching, branding, logo design, SEO, digital marketing, illustrations, and account manager /  print manger & good old retail customer service in a design capacity. All of those positions have been a variety of in-house, freelance & subcontract positions to government-corporate and small businesses across many different industries.

As you can tell from all of that I really relate to not FITTING into a normal box or a
typical way of doing things, I am most usually “outside” the box.

I have quite a unique perspective in that I have been able to switch intermittently between technical and design / creative roles. As new technologies have emerged and new processes erupted I have adapted along the way.

More recently, I worked here locally on the Central Coast where I worked at Paper Pens and Printing (business has since retired) doing design in print and web, marketing services as well as retail / customer service (as well as still running my business on the side).

In May 2021, I have revamped my existing business to provide a local printing service alongside the design and digital services pulling all of the things together to be here at Digital Creative Spark where all the things for all the years are coming together.



Unlike some creatives who are just creative or some tech people who are just tech …. I understand

  • the design / visuals / branding stuff
  • the tech side of things
  • all bits of running a small business and longevity of it all

So this means I have a unique perspective on lots of things and how they all work together and that’s what you get when working with me.

You might come to me about your website but then also realise you need to fix your branding. I am happy to work with your designer and just do your website or work on both. My ego doesn’t need to “do” your design but I am happy to give suggestions on what needs work in my opinion that you can pass on. My desired outcome is that we solve your problem whether you just need a component or need someone to help you with the whole thing. Being of service to you is what my business is about and its part of my WHY  in my own business.

I am straightforward and down to earth and I like to lay everything on the table so everyone knows what we are working with.

I will educate and I will guide when requested and I am empathetic to circumstances I have been there big time.
However, I will hold myself and my business with integrity and I expect the same reciprocation for my customers who work with me.

My mission is to ultimately “serve” you in the best way I can get where you want to go in the simplest and smartest way possible.

So if you made it through all of that, I thank you for your time, and if you would like to chat further please send me an email or book a time to chat or connect with me on socials. 

If you are interested in my ART or Illustration I have kept this as a separate business to my digital services you can visit that website over at

Please send me an email


Belinda Lindhardt – Trading as Digital Creative SPARK
ABN: 55101087968

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