Marketing Support, Business Buddy – Mentoring for small business owners

Are you running a brick-and-mortar shop front, e-commerce, or a small business and need a bit of a “sounding board” to help with what, when, and how to get things done in your marketing, website, print & socials?

Running a business on your own or with a small team can be a lot of things on your plate to do. As well as that you likely don’t have an exponential budget so you end up doing a lot of things yourself or trying to save as much as possible. That’s understandable. I find though with most business owners there can be crucial bits of the puzzle that are missing when taking on these tasks and they just don’t have time to know the latest updates and ins and outs as the technology and customers are changing so rapidly. It’s not that they can’t do it. It’s just they are time-poor, or have such an overload of information that it gets overwhelming and they get stuck.

Knowing  there are more effective ways of doing things, systems to be put in place, or checklists of things to know so that when things are getting done they get done that are most suitable for your business  with the best bang for your buck is a smarter way to go. We all already work hard, I know this cause i have been working in my small business for over 28years, my father worked in his small business, i talk to lots of business owners, there is not one that doesn’t work hard. The key though is just having a bit of clarity of what you need to do, and what your outcomes are and then ahead of time working within your / your staff’s skills and resources and then putting in some practical solutions rather than just being carried away on the next shiny object that may come across your desk.

Having a “sounding board” someone in your back pocket that can get to know your business, your branding, your industry, you outcomes as a business leader who also have over 28years in the design, web & marketing industry and well as a pragmatic approach to well everything to be honest that’s kinda who i am means we can work together to get some solutions to get things done, train your staff, or take things off your hands that are not your area of expertise. Eventually, you won’t need to have someone there all the time, but I find my clients once they can get some stuff sorted they can then go off and sort the rest of it themselves and then over time usually check back in with me when there is a new project, service or if things are shifting for them.