In the light of offering up more of what you love 🙂 This month I am offering some specials on my support packages.

I love being able to jump on calls with clients who have tried to do their website and graphics and all the things themselves and just find themselves getting a bit stuck and the video calls usually are an intermix of both of us sharing screens so i can see  where the loop hole is, then a combo of sharing tips and tricks to improve things like SEO as well as doing the tasks on the call or directing them where to go on their screen. All sessions are recorded so that they can go back and watch it later as well as that quite often it’s also a case of having someone they can ring to help “fix” or guide them when they get stuck.

I also offer with these packages a complimentary 20min welcome call to chat before or at the first session, as well as a follow-up session on the short packages if you just need a bit of clarification or something else that needs fixing.

So there are two different offers that are available both are available if you book in before the 30th July 2022. 

  1. 30% discount on either the 30min Quick fix > or the 1 hour support session> . Just use the coupon JULY2022 at the checkout to receive the discount. 

  2. Receive an additional 2hours if you book in for Support Package 1>  or an additional 4 hours if you book in for Support Package 2 >

I really love these sessions and being able to offer up all my skills and knowledge and teaching others how to do it for themselves its so empowering and fulfilling for me.

If you have any questions please contact me or book in for chat to see if we are a good fit 🙂