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▪️ Creation can only exist with a center spark around which it revolves ▪️

 You have a vision.

A unique idea, a unique business, a unique message, something which you want to stand out among the crowd and you just need someone to help you create it.


a picture speaks a thousand words

Illustrations can help you explain, emote, convey meaning
without having to spell it out 

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When commissioning an illustration whether the illustration is stand-alone or part of a larger project, a good discussion of all of the types of things it needs to do is super important.

The initial discussions, help the illustrator map out the best way to produce the work, helps them to see your vision and is the first step in quoting on the scope of the project at hand. In my experience, having a broad range of skills and methods in the production process has allowed me to suggest ways so that the client can use the illustrations in sections for other projects or so that it can be edited during the course of the project and to avoid common headaches along the way.

Illustration styles can vary quite a bit depending on the suitability of the project. An illustration displaying use of a product or technique is very different to that which is telling a story to a specific audience.

The style will changed depending on the audience or your intended message ie. light and fun, informative, dark, humorous. Lines, patterns, textures and shapes all impact and are done with intention for the desired project. It’s a good idea to have some words and thoughts around this prior to you discussing your project with an illustrator.

TIP: Use pinterest or Google images to get together a collection of styles so that you can both be on the same page. 



I like to work with a combination of both traditional drawing & painting skills as well as digital skills.

Usually there is a process of firstly research, then very rough drawings and concept thumbnails to make sure we are on the same page. Then usually there is a some more refined concepts and detailed sketches. Following that we move into the final works which will be depending on the project scope as to how that plays out.

The styles I like to work with can be realistic and detailed or could be more of a watercolour / flowy nature or incorporating textures, natural elements, or modern contemporary flat colours.
I have a very broad range of art skills (you can visit on my art website so what it comes down to for me is just having a clear vision before starting and being open to working with the creativity as it comes along.

Creativity is something we have to let flow so whilst my portfolio shows some styles these are not the only styles or projects I will work on.



Here are just some of the past illustration projects I have worked on. Those displayed here are a mixture client work & personal work. Unfortunately, there are also many projects I have worked on of which cannot be displayed publicly.

Past client work ranges in the instructional & medical arenas,  as well as books, corporate, animals & characters for product and clothing lines, childrens book characters and in the spiritual self help arena.

I have some CASE STUDIES created on my creativehardt website of past projects you can take a look at those here:

– Films 4 Change,  Ness Project 

– Cleanaway – Kids Activity Poster A2

– Nose to Tail – Book

If you would like to discuss more please make a time at the link below or send an email.

I am open to new and exciting illustration projects in 2022 – let’s see what we can create together.





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