Whether you are an established artist, a uni student studying design, illustrator or 3D arts or just getting back into it after years apart sometimes we all need a bit of help along the way.

In the past I have helped uni students with 1 on 1 help with their drawing and uni projects in the realm of getting better at drawing real-life drawing, understanding perspective and understanding about how to trasfer these skills to the digital environments.

I have helped traditional artists moving across with fundamentals in Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator, as well as just those creative business owners who just wish to be able to do their own graphics.

I have helped artists get sorted with getting their marketing sorted including how to get prints of their artworks deciphering files and scans and printers, and how they are able to turn these into greeting cards and get their art onto products. As well as how to just get their art ready for websites and business cards and all the things for markets or selling online. There are some great group courses around and FREE courses but i have found in my own learnings that in those you often will receive more generalised information and the person is generally trying to sell you into something else.

These sessions are structured (after answering some short questions before or session) what YOU need to get out of it. What are the skills you need to learn? What do you need to get help with? What can you receive from our session that you aren’t able to get via group programs, uni lecturers or if you want to cut to the chase and just learn what you need.

Sessions can be held from my studio office in Umina (if you are coming for computer training i suggest you BYO laptop) or we can have our session via zoom (and share screens).

These sessions can also be used for website training for those you need some guidance and just need someone to show you how to do it.