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Digital Creative Spark is built on consent-based practices. This means that you will be treated with respect and empathy in all your interactions with us, including marketing and sales. We do not use fear-based strategies to manipulate you into purchasing, and our priority is for you to have a positive and empowering experience with us, whether you purchase or not.

Consent-based marketing practices are important to us. So if you would like to stay in touch via our mailing list please know it is very important that you only receive that information in which you have chosen, in a respectful time frequency, and are aware of our intention before you subscribe. This notice is our best attempt to explain our intention. 

Our mailing list is a way that we can stay connected with you for the long term but first, we need to get to know each other a little bit and so when you first signup you will receive some introductory information about our Agency and our products and services. Like in real life we will need to share a bit so we can have something to chat about and to see if we are a fit, so initially, we will send you a few emails introducing ourselves, the way we work, our story of how we got here in our business journey, and a bit of information about Design, Branding, and Web services you may find useful in your biz.
These emails come in the form of a few blurbs and if you wish to know more you can download our Welcome Document (PDF) or Pricelist (PDF) which goes into more detail.

Our intention is to share our experiences and knowledge with our subscribers that will help them in their business whether they are customers with us or not. Sharing information in kindness and with empathy has always been at the top of our priority list and following the consent-based practices, fear-based strategies, manipulation is never something we want to condone or implement in our business.

We invite you as part of our valued list to, if at any time you have a question or a query or would like more information to please just contact us, don’t wait for a prompt. Our email is open for discussions at any time. We are adults and this is a relationship you can feel safe to ask and we will give our best answers.

Following that sequence, a short time after you may also receive just a follow-up email to confirm that invitation if there is anything you would like to discuss further to book a time or follow a resource.

Thereafter you will only receive the occasional email from us with valuable tips, agency news, information for you as the biz owner, and the occasional offer or special.
These topics could be on Branding, Design, Printing, Web Design or Development as well as self-care, and practices for small business owners that I myself have found useful over the years, that i feel might be of value to you.
Our intention at this point is to send these monthly with the occasional one intermittently that could be to wish you a holiday message or if there is something super exciting we have on offer, but this will be a rare occasion, not common practice.

That’s it.

To us it seems simple, if you have any comments please email them through at any time. You may ofcourse unsubscribe at any time from our list, but please if you wish to please stay in contact with us online as we may be able to help one another out again in the future.

Thankyou for taking the time to read this information.