Pretty much, everyone, I speak to, especially business owners are tired of the hustle.

The last few years…. it’s been ALOT!  Many are tired of hearing about COVID, tired of Zoom, tired of lots of things, everyone has their own take, their own stuff and a lot of us are a bit fed up. I am there with you. Believe me.

However, tomorrow I must get up and start another day.

The reality is, we must continue, because really, what else are you going to do? It’s life.
Recently, I thought, that perhaps the hustle is only tiring if you are not in love with what you are doing. Maybe that’s where we find ourselves.
Maybe what’s really happening is that we are just tired of trying to do ALL the things. Things that aren’t inspiring, things that aren’t lighting us up. We don’t stand for it anymore.

Perhaps we are the adult version of a 3-year-old who is stomping on the ground saying..
“You know what I have been doing it this way for so long and I don’t want to do it that way anymore I am done!”


There are lots of people I also speak to that are ON FIRE. They are up for it! They love connecting, they love the ability to meet up, and they love the ability to create something new. They love the hustle cause it’s inspiring they are out to serve and they are tapping into doing more of that, whatever that is for them. The old way wasn’t working and they are adapting to something new. How does that feel? In that space the hustle is amazing 🙂

In recent months, I have spent a bit of time with my clients who for want of a better word are a bit stuck. They might not know they are stuck but when we talk about their business, their marketing, and sometimes their lives, in general, they are a bit ho-hum about where to go, or so deep in the trenches that trying to think about another thing they are just trying to solve something in crisis mode. Yep, I have been there too. We have had conversations and worked through ways that could be a different perspective, a different way of doing things, a stand for something different – out of the hustle of what is feeling tired. A “spark” has come from many of these conversations with different clients that shines a bit of light on the place they have found themselves to be. We sometimes are just driving along and wonder – how the hell did I get here? Yep again, found myself here many a time.

This week a coach and mentor of my own did this for me. She offered up another way of thinking, another way of looking at a circumstance a way that I could CREATE a new thing rather than stay stagnant in my own way. What she put forward was a hard pill to swallow, it really meant taking a new position and being able to let go of attachments to past ones. I am an avid fan of working on myself, being aware, and trying new things, and for the last few years, I have been doing lots of work along with many talented, inspiring, and generous people helping me and sharing their knowledge.  It’s hard to put your hand up and say hey, you know what I am ready to try, do, feel something else.  Saying it and actually really getting down deep into it are two different things.

But I did it, I have stood there, it was uncomfortable and raw and challenging but I did it. Of course there is still plenty more to go and it’s frustrating to make some life changes and not see immediate results. It has taken working with my own mentors to see that things are in progress, the changes are happening and it just takes time to catchup.

So with that, this post is really just to acknowledge you, if you are tired, tired of the hustle. It’s ok. Many of us have been there and I guess my question is to spark something in you, are you willing to answer the questions for yourself? Or do you want to stay where you are at?


  • What can you let go of that no longer excites you?
  • What is the feeling? When / how does it show up?
  • Where is it on your body? Question it, journal it. Whether it’s business or home. These are points to start to think about that can get you moving rather than being stuck.

How can we get the spark firing again? How can we love the hustle so much that it’s no longer a hustle?