I am sure you have seen the posts – Which of these designs is better A, B, or C? 

Each time I see this it makes my stomach cringe.. 🙁
I will start by saying I have commented on these posts I have given my opinion, along with 25 other people and I think 9 times out of time the person is left more confused than when they started. 

Have you ever heard the saying – too many cooks spoil the broth? 


I do get it though, sometimes you do need some feedback and you don’t know where to go.
As a designer, it can be frustrating as we are asked to provide our design expertise and skills to create something for a specific purpose and then our designs are decided by family, friends or social media associates that know nothing about the rationale, the business or why we did what we did.
Then just comes down to individual personal preference for the final decision.

So here are the reasons why YOU as the business owner need to put your CEO hat and make the decision on your logo/branding from an informed place (not from emotions or personal preference and with some SELECTED help 🙂

Getting your business/branding direction from Family, Friends and randoms from the internet means they have good intentions BUT think about it:


  1. Too many general opinions usually make it more confusing have you ever had too many options which makes it too hard to decide?

    Jo says this, Simone says that Frank says a combo of those, Allison says something else completely different, where does that leave you? Do you actually have a valuable opinion there?

    Getting someone else’s opinion unless they are in tune with your business is really not going to provide you with any valuable information in general as they will be coming from their own personal preference.
    A better option is to target those people who do know your business or are your direct audience and then ask them WHY they gave that answer and close that in at a set number you are comfortable with.
  2. You have looked at it so many times you just can’t see it anymore.
    Designers have this all the time (this might be why we take a bit longer to get your designs to you, we need to let it sit a bit).
    So many times I have worked on something and I haven’t seen something minor where a fresh set of eyes can see it straight away. We can look too much at something that our brain is interpreting it in a different way after a while, our brain wants to categorise and label what it is we are seeing and so it can change it a bit from what is really there.A TIP here is to step away, or set some distance for a little bit. A good one for me is to print the designs out and stick them on the wall or the fridge, let your eyes see them but just out of the corner of my eye go and concentrate on something else. More often than not something will come at me at unexpected times, you will see it differently for yourself just let it sit for a bit. Ever get a good idea when in the shower? Happens all the time to me.
  3. Everyone is not your customer. A picture paints a thousand words.
    Getting everyone to vote on a design when t
    hey don’t know your customers if you think about it just doesn’t really make sense and devalues the branding of your business (who cares if Jo Blogs likes it if he never is going to buy from you) it’s not a popularity contest.The branding and logo is more about attracting the right customer for your business than appealing to everyone.


    What is the message your branding presents to them?
    How do they feel about?
    What is the impression they get? 

    Yes, customers aren’t going to necessarily consciously think about that every time they see it but it is often a subconscious thing but how do we know what that is or do it intentionally if we don’t think about it? Just like the feeling from a photo or a painting without it having to be written out it is there.


    On another note:  I can LIKE something and label that as “Good” but another thing can be just as “Good” hence the relationship between designer and client there is no right or wrong in this  – the answer is…

    Which is more suitable for this project at hand? What is the intention we have set for your business? Who are we trying to attract here? 

    The criteria for first creating and then designing comes from those discussions as those are the intentions that have been set.  Design is about coming up with a solution that conveys your message to your customers not your personal preference…

    For example: If I did a bold bright colourful playful design for someone who perhaps is a say a legal firm … unless you have the desired strategy around having that type of branding it would be easy to say that people looking for legal services may not feel trusted enough to work with that business that seems very airy-fairy for legal services they want something solid and trustworthy so that would be shown in fonts and colours – That doesn’t mean the owners aren’t colourful and like bright and colourful but it doesn’t match the intention they want to portray for their business things.

    Having your CEO hat on and making a distinction between what YOU like and what will attract your customers is a big part of being an effective business owner. Crowd-sourcing the decision is not effective as most people will not be able to have that type of discernment for you.

    – If you have those people in your life then maybe ask them specifically don’t leave it open to everyone. Same with staff if you have them, can they come from a place of thinking of customers rather than ego or position or what they like?

  4. The exception  🙂 if Your husband, girlfriend, mother, brother sister neighbour down the road are your customers then by all means use them for market research but target your questions so you get valuable feedback so ask BETTER QUESTIONS.

    Rather than asking: Which do you like better?

    Better questions are:

    What are your thoughts when you look at this?
    How does it make you feel?
    Do you get the impression of trust, professionalism, creativity, spirituality and WHY?
    Is there anything there that makes you feel the opposite? 

    These are harder questions to answer as it involves articulating thoughts, but if you are really stuck and they care for you they will put in a bit of thought. Get actual tangible feedback.. as opposed to “like” feedback. Let people know they are helping you and you are not offended by whatever their comment is this is not an emotional conversation remember. If you have an existing business a could thing is to offer a free gift or offer for their answers as your current customers have a wealth of information they know you already. What do they already know and love about your business, brand or service?

  5.  You are actually giving away your own power on being a boss, OR you could fear of being wrong? 

    This is a bit of a tough one to swallow but it comes from a place of love and also from someone who has in the past practised this making no decision or having no stand is also making a stand.

    If you are making your decision based on the general consensus did you actually really make that decision? Or can you say if it doesn’t work oh well that’s what everyone chooses so its not my fault?
    Does it possibly mean you don’t have to be accountable for what you decided?

    You may not be doing this, but food for thought just be curious that it could be a reason why you are happy to let others decide. You are the business owner!  Make strategic decisions based on marketing and direction for your company, own it! If you are unsure seek the help of some experienced and educated people you trust who know your business or your direction, get the rationale as to why – not the emotions. Have a chat with your designer along the way and be prepared to be a bit challenged and challenge them by asking why they chose something they did. It might make more sense then rather than coming from a “like or dislike” stance.

TIPS to help make your decision on the logo & branding as the business owner

  • Step back from looking at it if you are in indecision. Print the designs out if you can and put them on your fridge, on your wall and then leave them there for a few days. Work on something else, have it there out of the corner of your eye, make a scribble underneath.
  • Or put it out of sight for a few days. Don’t see it, don’t look at it and then Open it up fresh you will see it “with new eyes”
  • Ask your DESIGNER to have a chat or list some points about the visual differences in each of the designs. I love presenting my designs and logos with a video for my clients where i talk through all the points.
    Designers do small things that you may not be able to see, they make decisions on fonts, colours various things baed on their skills and experiences and following the brief that would have been discussed in the initial consultation. Sometimes you may not know what these subtle differences are .. it’s a craft. So get them to explain what the difference are. You are not a designer its ok that you might not know that.
  •  Ask better questions from a specific audience, everyone is not your potential customer. Try to avoid questions that are “like or dislike” go a bit deeper for more valuable information to help you.
  • Think about what is the outcome and motivation when asking for help. Seeking external validation can be something we practise in today’s society, get thoughtful opinions to align yourself with people that are valuable but ultimately don’t give away your power as the best person to make decisions for you is you.

I hope this article helps please let me know if it has i would love to hear from you.